The Beauty In Remote Places

Here is to the most beautiful places on the South Adriatic that we like. Remote, untouched, peaceful.

You can sail for 5 years in a row every summer in Croatia, and still you will not see everything. So, if you know someone that said to you he was in Croatia and saw every corner of the coast – he or she is lying to you 😉

Susac island

You will not go more remote than that! Susac is an inhabitat gem inbetween Vis and Lastovo islands. From Vis SE direction around 22 NM, from Lastovo W direction around 15 NM.
As there is only a lighthouse and nothing more, with it’s high cliffs and not much vegetation you can forget about a nice shade from the sun or filtering the high winds.
There are not much good anchor places because it gets really deep as you slowly move away from the shore. Only way to anchor is to come close, drop minimum of 40m anchor chain and tie with land line on the rocks.
Keep in mind that the weather has to be clear blue skies and no wind at all or a slight breeze only from W, NW, N.

Scedro island

An island “more on the way” then Susac, Scedro is a stop on the go to Korcula island from Hvar or Pakleni otoci.

On the north side there is a nice bay with restaurant that splits in two smaller ones. But as you sail usually through the south side there are 4 nice corners you can use for anchorage break or for the night if the weather lets you.

Crystal clear waters with sand bottom spreading through whole cove. Just be sure that you put out the land line because the swing ability here is very limited.

Peljesac peninsula

Our favorite spot by far. There is more to it then just a bay or place we love. It’s quiet, beautiful, well sheltered and almost always empty.

A longer stretch of south east part of Peljesac, where the mainland connects, few little coves with turquoise waters and two small sand beaches you can swim to. A paradise where you will find lots of fish, peace and  relaxation.


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